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While Mayor of Plainfield from 1997 to 2005, Al McWilliams displayed his commitment to leadership by strengthening his community, and serving its residents.


In light of the former mayor’s untimely death in 2007, the McWilliams family aims to celebrate his legacy by offering financial support to a college-bound Plainfield High School graduate.


The Al McWilliams Memorial Scholarship Fund seeks to identify and support Plainfield High School graduates who exemplify dedication to leadership, public service, and community building.


This monetary award will help alleviate the recipient of any financial burden incurred by the college or university he or she attends.


College is expensive, but it can be the most important and life-changing investment you ever make.  The AMMSF aims to alleviate financial pressure for future leaders.

The McWilliams family selected Jessica Lughas as the first ever AMMSF recipient.


Jessica not only graduated at the top of her Plainfield High School class, but also demonstrated commitment to public service and community building through school-based activities.


Upon reviewing her application, it was clear that she possessed a strong commitment to volunteerism and service.


Jessica has a belief that it is important to be successful but also important to strive to help others be successful. This was one of Mayor McWilliams' key beliefs.

Jessica is now completing her freshman year at Howard University, where she is excelling academically and beginning her journey on Howard’s business track.


The McWilliams family is proud of what Jessica has accomplished already and looks forward to seeing Jessica achieve even more!

2012 Scholarship Recipient

Al McWilliams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Name: Ms. Jessica Lughas


College: Howard University


Studying: Business

2012 scholarship recipient, Jessica Lughas, with Al McWilliams III at the Plainfield High School Scholarship awards ceremony!

Continuing a Legacy of Leadership and Public Service.

Al McWilliams, Jr.

August 17, 1953 - April 6, 2007

Al McWilliams Memorial Scholarship Fund